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Hey! So Glad You're Here With Me.

Phil Stover is a veteran (that means old) speaker, writer, and storyteller. He has taught, entertained, and motivated folks from Nairobi to New York and beyond using a unique blend of facts, insight, humor, history, and story.​ He has spoken to groups as small as five and as large as five thousand.

​​Drawing from his lifetime of learning, Phil travels widely to assist organizations and speak about management in public schools. He is very interested in the history of religion and conflict. Phil is eager and ready to share his “phil-osophy” of everything from tribalism to truth and religion to race. Phil has served in senior leadership positions and consulted with over one hundred public school districts. He twice served as an associate professor and administrator in higher education. Perchance Phil may now be the oldest graduate student in the known world, finishing up his Ph.D. in Mexican history at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. He is the author of six books (see the books page where you can find links to his books on Amazon) and many academic and popular publications articles. Phil lives in northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico. He flies in and out of El Paso, Texas, to meet his client’s needs.

Phil is ready and willing to assist your organization with management issues and priorities or serve as a keynote speaker to your group or organization. He has spoken in thirty-four states and seven foreign countries. Click on the YouTube video on this page to hear a speech he gave as deputy superintendent to the San Diego Unified School District leadership.

​Being interested in independent publishing, he also has assisted individuals with the interior design of their manuscripts to create a properly formatted book. Please send him a message via our contact page. He will call or write you back to talk about what you or your district, school, organization, or historical group might want in the way of assistance, presentation, or consulting.

I named this site nowinconclusion.com because I have been known on occasion to go on a bit longer with just one more story after saying “now in conclusion.” Those of you who know me well will undoubtedly remember those occasions! The logo of nowinconclusion.com is that of a crossed microphone and quill. These represent Phil’s abilities and interest in using either tool to assist you or your organization.

Would you please check out Phil’s eight tenets on the home page? They will help you better understand what you will find on this website and in Phil’s writings and presentations.

​Please email me at phil@nowinconclusion.com with any questions, or use the comment page form. Thanks so much.



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